We help K-5 educators cultivate independent, successful writers who are able to bridge the gap between reading, writing, and grammar.
This program provides strategies, lessons, resources, and materials that will make any teacher grow their students' writing and reading skills.

Reimagine Writing is comprised of two programs. The first component is a foundational course. This course walks you through the "process first" framework for writing instruction. This course provides educators with explicit professional development on the art of teaching a highly successful writing block.

The second component of this program is a subscription-based hub for continued support on the journey. It is a hub full of bite-sized PD videos, printables, and strategies that will provide continued support in writing instruction. This component is built on 5 pillars that are backed by multiple research studies and analyses.

Process First Framework


This course provides a step-by-step framework to get students to write independently without relying on the teacher for support during each step of the writing process. 

Course Outcomes 

  •  Student mastery of the writing process and how to show success on each level. 
  •  Management framework for program implementation to ensure student independence. 
  •  Implementation of the framework that works with any writing curriculum and will leave students feeling capable and confident in their writing instruction. 

Take the Course...

Process First Core Training Implementation Modules

Click below to view the content included in the course.

This module will set educators up for success by setting the stage, discussing course intentions, and providing materials.


  1. Welcome video 
  2. Course Workbook download
  3. Table of Contents for educators, teams, and schools that need to pace this course. 

This module includes lessons on: 

1. PD: Writing Woes 

The Chant:

2. The "Why" and How to Introduce the WP Chant

3. The Chant With Motions 

4. The Chant With Motions

5. The Chant Breakdown

6. Chant Practice Variations

7. Chant Challenge Contest


Success Checklists 

PD videos breaking down each level of the writing process and how to set manageable and executable steps for students on each level:

Success Checks 101 

1. Pick An Idea 

2. Plan it Out 

3. Write, Write, Write 

4. Revision 

5. Editing 

6. Publishing 

Modeling Examples 



1.  Classroom Management

2. Wall Display Management

3. Writing Zones

4. Materials and Logistics

 This module is going to break down all of the materials that you will need for each level. We will also talk about how to organize those materials- but also how to organize student work and physical management of your writing workshop. 


-Chant Poster Letter 

-Free Writing Kit Vocab Wall

-Graphic Organizers for Planning and Organizing 

-Access to Canva templates to create your own success checklists

-Magic Line Museum

-Writing Process Wall Display Options 

-Digital displays

-Portable displays

Bonus Resources

-Free accountable talk structure resource 

-Lesson Planning Template

-Assessment Checklist Templates

-Data sheets

Breaking Down The Framework

Join the Hub... Or Do Both!


The Hub 


This program provides continuous and ongoing PD. There are 5 research-based instructional pillars on which this program was built. These pillars will provide coaching on strategies that will build not only strong writers- but strong readers as well. This program is a growing library of resources and will also host live events. See our research-based pillars below. 


What's Included In The Hub?

Our Research-Based Instructional Pillars

The Course and Hub

What's the difference? Are both needed?

Features From The Hub


As a founding Reimagine Writing Member, you will have access to special rates that will eventually be raised to value.

One Time Payment


Personal License

  • 6 credit hour training
  • ALL printable and digital materials for implementation 
  • TONS of bonus resources to support writing workshop! 
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook support group. 
  • Access to this course and any future updates for the duration of the course. 
Gain Immediate Access

10 Payments


Personal License

  • 6 credit hour training
  • ALL printable and digital materials for implementation 
  • TONS of bonus goodies for writing workshop! 
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook support group. 
  • Access to this course and any future updates for the duration of the course. 
Gain Immediate Access

Reimagine Writing HUB


Subscription Based Hub - Cancel Anytime

  • Reimagine Writing Program Components:

  •  PD Video Library: bite-sized professional development (PD) videos that include actionable strategies and supporting printables.

  •  Monthly Discount Codes   

  • Guaranteed Resource Drops 

  •  Syntactic Awareness  (released quarterly) 

  •  Editing Sets (released monthly) 

  •  Subscriber Exclusive Bonuses and Free Resources

Gain Access to the HUB

School funds? Purchase Orders?

Frequently Asked Questions

Reimagine Writing™ is an online program for kindergarten-fifth grade teachers who seek to master the art of teaching writing and strengthening the overall literacy development of their students. 

This course walks you through the implementation of a framework. This framework will allow your students to internalize the writing process and learn exactly what it takes to get from one level to the next when writing. 

Because this is a framework, it can work alongside any writing curriculum or grade level. 

As a member of the Hub, resources and planning events will be available to guide educators in creating grade-level specific requirements for each step of the writing process. 

The course is self-paced! You can rewind, rewatch, and even slow down the speed of the videos. This course is approximately 6 hours in length and has actionable items to complete for implementation. This course allows you have the ability to rewind and rewatch videos as many times as you need!

All members of Reimagine Writing have on-demand access to a library of professional development and content-specific videos that will build teachers' understanding of the concepts they teach and show them how to teach writing strategies that will actually improve the reading abilities of their students. 

Teachers also have access to printable and digital resources that focus on one of the 5 research-based pillars upon which this program is built. These resources are not a complete curriculum. They do help teachers with the management and planning of effective writing strategies and lessons. 

Finally, Reimagine Writing members will have access to a members-only online community of teachers, homeschool parents, and instructional coaches who will offer support, guidance, and feedback. Members are also invited to attend live professional development sessions and network in various online settings. 


We will take credit card payments and purchase orders for school & district licensing. Please email us for school and district licensing rates or fill this form out. 

[email protected]



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