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Take Control of Your Writing Block

Dear teacher,

I get it. Your class is writing. A group of students blaze through a writing piece and exclaim "I'm done!" while another group of students don't even have a title written! How can you help all of your students when they are seemingly all in different stages? How can your students consistently produce quality pieces of writing? I used to struggle- but not anymore. I can help you!

Have you ever been teaching writing and found yourself wondering...

  • How will I meet with ALL of my writers with different needs?
  • How will I get my students to remember what they wrote?
  • How will I make sure that ALL students get to publish a piece of well-written writing?
  • How will I FREE myself up so that I can actually teach the craft of writing and not just correct mistakes the whole time?

Seriously, this course will show you how to handle ALL of these things and MORE! 

It's Time To ROCK Your Writing Block

Students who have internalized the writing process will experience a shift in their writing. They will begin to intuitively know that a piece of writing should be in motion...not something that is stagnant! This understanding is what helps to empower students to produce high-quality writing pieces. 

I'm Ready To Rock My Writing Block

Independent Writers at LAST

After coming up with this system for teaching the writing process, I've helped hundreds of teachers cultivate writers who are now able to: 

  • Stop relying on the teacher for every little thing! 
  • Support their peers by using very specific success checks on each level of the writing process. 
  • Produce high-quality pieces of writing that had been revised, edited, and published! 

No longer will YOU be the gatekeeper to your students' writing success... they will be! 

I Want That Too

Writing Workshop Is Your New Favorite

As soon as your students are able to create, revise, and edit pieces individually, you'll never want to miss a day of writing (and your students won't either!) In this course, you'll get...

Explicit Instructions

This is a step-by-step breakdown of what to do from day ONE. You will have homework at the end of each model that will ensure that you are ready to roll this out successfully! 


Ready To Use Resource

This course will include absolutley everything that you need to get started. You will also have special access to lots of BONUS materials that are only released to this course! 





It Just Works

It doesn't matter what writing program you use (or don't use), the writing process can help ALL learners with producing completed pieces of writing. The major components of this resource are editable so that you can customize it to the needs of your class. 

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Training + Materials

  • Training Videos
  • ALL Materials for implementation 
  • TONS of bonus goodies to support your writing block!  

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Training , Materials + Year Long Curriculum

  • Training Videos
  • ALL Materials for implementation 
  • TONS of bonus goodies to support your writing block!  
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook support group featuring  live training videos and posts to support the writing units!!! 
  • Year-long curriculum at a 25% discount)  

Yes, we work with school administration/districts!  

If you are looking to have your school or district cover your course fees, we are more than happy to help! Just have them email us at [email protected] 

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Writing Process Implementation Modules

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