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Are you frustrated with your writing workshop?

I can help.  

Dear teacher, I get it. You're teaching a writing lesson. Your students go off to write. A group of students blaze through a writing piece and exclaim "I'm done!" Another group of students don't even have a title on their page. You've taught editing and revision strategies but they don't seem to be sticking. How can you help all of your students when they are seemingly all in different stages? How can your students consistently produce quality pieces of writing? I was there- but not any more. Join the course, I've got your back. 

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Check out these reviews from teachers that have implemented this in their classrooms! The proof is in the works!

Kate D. says...

"Last year I was trying to find a good way to implement the writing process better in my kindergarten classroom and then I found this resource. My writing time was getting so stale and I was looking for a way for students to work independently and move on when ready. I was looking for something that could make sense for my littles. I have everything printed and ready to go for the next school year. Thank you so much for breaking down the writing process! I am actually excited to teach writing this coming year."


Jamie S. says...

"This is an amazing resource! Before this, my students were writing, but always forgot the next step in the process. Once I introduced this, it changed how Writer's Workshop worked in my class. My students were writing and always knew where they were in the process and could tell me the next step. They became independent writers and it boosted their confidence! Thank you so much!!"!

Hannah R. says

WOW! This resource has forever changed my writing workshop! I was about to go crazy with so many student questions throughout writing workshop. This has allowed my students to better understand the writing process and become so independent. My students continue to tell me how much they love writing time!


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